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What we do?

We are a distinguished game development studio since 2020. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we specialize in delivering top-notch outsourced services tailored to the gaming industry.


At GambitGhost Studio, our core mission revolves around crafting top-tier, story-driven video games. Setting ourselves apart from many other indie studios, we dedicate extensive resources to ensure cutting-edge graphics and mesmerizing animations, allowing us to transport players to a captivating world of fantasy and culture, elevating their gaming experience.


Concept Art, Production, and Art Assets

No Rome nor Pyramid was built by one man. Everything we make was built from the ground up with performance in mind. Our professional crew guarantees that we will get you to your desired destination at the next level!

Game Design & Development

The world of imagination has no bounds. Our team has an effective process for building a game. With passion and harmony, we create everything from scratch and will not stop until it becomes a masterpiece!

Kai Kazuka, character from Farsiders.


Full QA Service

Everything has its flaws. But don't worry! Document detailing, problem solving, and even little things from scratch cannot escape our eagle eyes!

Cassie Prototype, character from Farsiders.


Visual Effects for Games

Fine feathers make fine birds. The same goes for games! Our talented artists have a strong understandings and knowledge of how to produce stunning vfx with our  original creations.


Sade, character from Farsiders.




Farsiders Game available on Steam, developed by Gambitghost Studio, Bangkok, Thailand.

FARSIDERS is an ambitious top-down hack-and-slash action RPG developed by Gambit Ghost Studio. Get ready to join "Cassie" the newest member of Spectralon as she sets out on an epic journey into the age of magic! 

Farsiders official game logo.
Farsiders official game logo.


board illustration final 4.jpg
respawnrumble logo_final render.png

RESPAWN AND RUMBLE is turn-base, card building and fighting on hexagon board.

How can we help?

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